5 tips to stay healthy while travelling

Whether it’s for business or leisure, chances are that your fitness goals and smart dietary decisions take a back seat when you travel. You may find that you have gained a few pounds or that your strength and conditioning has waned when you get back from a trip. So, how do you stay on top of keeping a healthy lifestyle despite having to travel frequently?

Here we provide you with a five-step approach to stay healthy – wherever you may be.

Eat what’s in

Here at Health 4 Purpose we examined the importance of eating the right food, specifically when it comes to supplying your body with much-needed energy. You should apply a similar thinking when it comes to travelling and the meals you enjoy. While it is fine to indulge now and again, travelling can make over indulging easy.

Preparing your own meals has a ton of merits. Apart from being more aware of the nutrients (or the lack thereof) that you feed your body, you have the opportunity to pick the freshest ingredients. Eat Seasonably stresses that this is a liberty you should take full advantage of. Beyond tasting better, produce and other items that are in season can be both budget- and environmentally-friendly.

Keep your hands clean

When you travel, the majority of the time you will find yourself in public places, meeting new people, and getting from one point to another in a hurry. You may not remember all the surfaces you’ve made contact with, so naturally, your hands may be teeming with opportunistic microbes waiting in the wings. An article from the Huffington Post advises that you shouldn’t forget to wash your hands regularly (especially before meals and after using the loo). Additionally, always have a small bottle of hand sanitizer in tow to ward off germs.

Choose the right travel buddy

The same Huffington article explains that your travel companion may be useful in you sticking to your health goals while travelling. While your companion may feel that travelling is all about soaking up new experiences, being merry, and enjoying oneself, through both food and drink, to the fullest, you may be on the other side of the spectrum. Should your views oppose, it would be best to politely inform them of your commitment to staying healthy.

Think fast, stay sharp

Your body will be put under stress when you travel, that’s why your cognitive edge should always be on point. Aside from making sure you also get in the right and consistent amounts of sleep during your travel, you have to keep your mind sharp. Lottoland suggests that adopting the digital nomad lifestyle while in travelling can help keep your mind sharp. So, why not consider being a travel blogger, especially when you find yourself in new places most of the time? This way you get to monetise a beloved interest, document your travels creatively, and exercise your brain all at the same time.

Use tech to your advantage

Not having access to a gym is no longer reason enough to skip workouts, especially when you’re travelling. The Telegraph lists down a handful of fitness and running apps you can subscribe to, which will allow you to keep to your health and fitness path no matter where you are.

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