Evermore Interviews: Amanda Kloots

Amanda Evermore Health interview.001

“Evermore Interviews” is our interview series on how health, diet & fitness relate to the purpose of inspiring trendsetters, entrepreneurs and artists. 

This week we had a chat with Amanda Kloots, founder of NYC’s famous “The Rope” workout (yep, it involves a rope!). Amanda is an Ohio native who moved to New York City at 18 years old to work as a Broadway dancer. She then became a celebrity trainer and kickstarted her entrepreneurial journey in the fitness industry.

In one sentence, how would you describe your life’s purpose?
At this stage in my life, my purpose is to be a kind, loving person living each day to the fullest.  

When did you first become aware of it?
I think I became aware of it when I moved to NYC, at 18 years old.  

How does your health contribute to keeping you on track?
As someone who works out for a living, health is a huge part of keeping myself on track!  If I am unhealthy, I cannot do my job.  

What was the toughest point in your career’s journey and how did you kick back from it?
The toughest point so far in my career was after I started my business.  I had mornings where no one would come to my class.  I definitely had moments of thinking that it wasn’t going to work out.  I believed in it so much but it wasn’t translating to the masses.  I just kept hustling and pushing forward, believing in myself and what I had created.

What was the moment in which you first realised you’re really onto something?
When my body started changing after being in fitness for 4 years I knew I had something special!

What’s the biggest satisfaction you get from what you do?
I love making people smile!

Your favorite health hack…
I take a turmeric shot everyday to fight inflammation so I don’t have to use Advil!

Your favorite productivity hack…
I take Citibike around NYC.  It’s the fastest way to get to my client and keeps my body moving in-between sessions! 

Your mantra to motivate yourself anytime…
You’re a star, you’re a star, you’re a star! 

What are your future plans and the next big goals you’re going after?
I am working on making my own jump rope, I’m very excited about that.

Where can our readers find you?
On instagram @amandakloots @theropenyc and on this video.

Photo creds: Patrick MacLeod

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