Evermore Interviews: Rebecca Van Dijk


“Evermore Interviews” is our interview series on how health, diet & fitness relate to the purpose of inspiring trendsetters, entrepreneurs and artists. 

Becky Van Dijk is the founder of We Are Travel Girls, the global community that connects & educates female travelers around the world. They’re also known for running retreats in Bali (which sell out way too quickly!) and for showcasing incredible destinations to their gang of 250,000+ travel enthusiasts. Alessandra Sollberger, our founder at Evermore, interviews Becky about how she managed to leave behind an unfulfilling job in rainy London to move to Bali and build her business.

In one sentence, what gets you out of bed?
I live in Bali, so the birds outside my window at 5.30am wake me up most days and force me out of bed! But seriously, I am motivated to get up as I am building my own company We Are Travel Girls and every second I spend on that helps progress it forward.
When did you realize what makes you most happy in your career?
This is a hard question, because whilst I did not enjoy my previous role in finance I did find parts of the role rewarding and I did have moments where I was very happy. But in 2016 I quit that job after 10 years to take a risk and create a company in the travel industry – something I had always felt more passionately about than banking!
I think honestly, everyone is looking for happiness in their career, but this is a very unique and special thing to find, if you truly love your job that is very rare. I love what I do now, but I do work far longer hours than I did when I worked in banking which has notoriously long hours already (!), and there are many daily frustrations that come with running your own company. But the positive is I can see the impact our community has on women in their daily lives and it is rewarding to know that it is something I created from nothing!
How does your health contribute to keeping you on track?
I have always been a healthy eater, but had a love / hate relationship with fitness! I am pretty good at setting fitness goals but also pretty good at breaking them since I have had several surgeries which knocked my fitness routines off track. However, I always know that when I am working out and taking some time to get away from the computer screen this is so beneficial to me. It helps to clear my head, gives me some time away from technology, resets my mood and it helps massively with back and neck issues. I know when I take the time to workout, do some yoga or meditate every day this increases my productivity and focus.
How did your fitness & diet get to where they are today?
A healthy diet and a good level of fitness is so important for the mind and my energy levels. Keeping up with some activity everyday means that I can be more focused when I am working. It also helps since I run a travel company, so I can get out and participate in lots of activities like hiking, kayaking and surfing when I am travelling!
What was the toughest moment in your professional life and how did you kick back from it?
I had so many tough moments when I worked in finance! There were quite a few days I could be found in tears in the bathroom from the stress of that industry. But more recently I would say the toughest moment I have had to deal with is happening right now where our company We Are Travel Girls is progressing at a rapid pace and we have so many ideas and goals for this business, but simply do not have the time and resources to get everything done. Since there are just two of us running the company, and the majority of responsibility being to me its very hard to be able to do all the things we want to.
Your favorite health hack…
Drink at least 3 litres of water per day. It’s obvious, but it’s true.
Your favorite productivity hack…
Record what you are working and how many hours spent on specific tasks throughout the day. I started doing this to see where I was allocating most of time and to look for efficiency improvements in my business. Since I was tracking the hours I would spend on specific tasks, the effect I had not anticipated was that recording hours meant I maintained focus on one task at a time and I stopped jumping between several things and losing focus.
Your mantra to motivate yourself anytime…
If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.
What are the next big goals you’re going after?
Our biggest ambition is to run at least one trip per month for our Travel Girls Getaways and to run them all over the world. This is ambitious and requires a huge amount of planning, but we are excited to be hosting two week long retreats in Bali later this year that are already fully booked, and to be planning other trips in Japan, Europe and Mexico.
Where can our readers find you?
Readers can connect with me on my personal travel blog BeckyvanDijk.com and on WeAreTravelGirls.com. If you want a daily dose of travel inspiration check out my Instagram pages @BeckyvanDijk and @WeAreTravelGirls

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